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Aloha and welcome to Hawaii King Kennels!

On behalf of my brother Triston, and myself we would like to thank you for visiting our website. Between my brother and I, we have purchased some of the TOP dogs in the World hoping to continue their great success! We produce ALL SIZES!! Exotic/Pocket, Classic, Standard, Extreme, XL & XXL. We would like to give a special "Mahalo" to SAUL CERVATES, Founder and Creator of Royal Bloodline Generation XXXL dogs as well as MR. EDDIE LOR founder and creator of Xtreme Bully's! BIG SHOUT to Billy Seal as well! As the breeders before us, our dogs are bred to have consistency of big chests, big bones and muscle mass. They are raised with our keiki's(children), well socialized, and have great temperaments because they are much loved! If you are interested in owning one or more of our pets, we would like everyone to know that our pets are not sold for any illegal purposes ever! These pets are a part of our family and we want to make sure that they will go to good people so please give us a call!

Flexible Shipping

Hawaii King Kennels is in a Rabies Free state which means we can ship to any country or state including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We have shipped as far as Germany. We provide the best service when making arrangements to SHIP WORLDWIDE!


Please call us at 808-357-1135
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We will be more then happy to help you get the most information and best prices for your pets!

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• HKK's Definition on Our Sizes •


Your todler's lapdog,
a topic of conversation on your walks,
your admirer.


Easy to hug and kiss,
easily transported to the beach, low maintenance, that special one that cannot be replcaed in your heart.


A guy's wingman,
a girl's protector, chic magnet,
best friend.

The HKK Facility

This is where our dogs live on Maui. We have 8 spaces here. The dogs get their play time and exercise twice a day. They are raised around our children to better their temperaments!

Hawaii King Kennels have prospered with these great dogs! They have allowed us to expand and build bigger and better facilities for them. All funds go back to them to provide better food, vitamins, and training for them. It also allows us to give them the time and attention that they need and deserve. You can trust that we raise our pups as our own and therefore will be a great addition to your home!

Father and Daughter Pics

Lexi and Father Optimus Prime

Legacy now 120lbs and Father, King Liger

Queen Kamamalu now 92lbs and Father, King Lion Jr.

Princess Nahi'Ena'Ena now 60lbs and Mother, Lexus

Rocky B. and Daddy, Sole Va'a

Father and Son "Look-a-like" Pics

Father, Optimus Prime with Son, Rodimus Prime

Mac 10 with Son, King Kamehameha

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