Rehoming - Retired Breeding Dogs

We here at Hawaii King Kennels believe in giving all dogs a home filled with the love and attention they deserve. As pitbull breeders and pitbull lovers, we maintain a socialized and affectionate lifestyle for all our dogs. When we retire a pitbull (4-years old and up), we do so much earlier than what is common among most breeders. This ensures that all our retired dogs can live out a happy life, while still young, with a nurturing and loving family.

Just like every family, each individual pitbull is different. To guarantee the best fit,  we ask that anyone interested in owning one of our retired dogs fill out the 4-page application. We review all applications to find our dog and your family the best fit.

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Previously Retired Pitbulls

For information on our current list of dogs available for rehoming, please call us directly @ 1-808-357-1135